laiaseguiI was born in Menorca, but I have studied and undertaken work experience in different parts of the world. During a three year degree course in Barcelona, I worked for local and foreign catering companies; and also for the events company of my father, Tony Seguí.

After completing my degree in Hotel Management at the University of Barcelona, I lived in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands (EEUU), where I was fortunate enough to be able to work in the kitchen of the Ritz Carlton and where I discovered my passion for cooking.

I went back to Menorca and after several years living on the island, I undertook once again an enriching trip, both on a professional and a personal level : Thailand, Australia and Vietnam… It was a five month journey during which I learnt not only about exotic cuisines but I also developed my creative and aesthetic skills.

This was followed by Barcelona, Amsterdam, Granada and Cuba and a long stay in England. They were all places that professionaly inspired me and gave me many experiences that have shaped everything I am doing today.

On returning to Spain, I had another of my best professional experiences: I worked with Ferrán Adriá in the El Bulli kitchen. The fact that I shared a kitchen with one of the best chefs in the world in one of the most internationally recognised restaurants, had a big influence on my vision and my passion for cooking.

Afterwards, I decided to return to Menorca, where I have been running cooking lessons and working as a freelance chef, organising weddings and other events. Through this experience I realised that there isn’t an existing company dedicated to event organisation, wedding planning and home management; and so the idea came to me to start my own business.

A team let by a local (from Menorca) who knows all the island’s possibilities and with extensive experience of organising weddings, catering and events. Whether it is organising an event, planning your wedding, an informal dinner, taking care of your house or yacht and having it ready for your return, or even taking care of your business during your absence…we will take care of everything to give you the best possible stay on the island.

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